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Do you want to know how to create an online store or have some questions? We hope that you’ll find the answers to these questions on this page.

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What is Letha Shop?

We are an eCommerce platform that gives you the ability to open your own online store. You’ll get a website and mobile app with a built-in online store.

You’ll be up and running in no time, and be able to sell your products to anyone , anywhere, anytime. Get started with us today – A proudly South African eCommerce site builder.

View more information on how to create an online shop.


What does Letha mean?

Letha means ‘bring’ in Zulu. The word is synonymous with bringing you customers, bringing your customers your unique online experience


Is it easy to build with us?

We’re confident that we’ve made it easy for you to open your online store. Firstly, sign up for a new store.

You’ll receive a login and password via email to the shop management module. This is where you’ll manage your store. Simply upload your logo and some pictures that you’d like displayed on your app and website, create your products, click publish, and your shop will be up within a few minutes!

What do I need to get started?

You don’t need much to sign up with Letha. All you need is an email address, contact number, and name of your store.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll need a logo and pictures to display on your website and app. You’ll also need pictures and descriptions of your products.

Sign up here and read through an explanation of how to create an online store with Letha

What online payments are accepted?

Currently we provide payments via Peach Payments (Visa and Mastercard), and also Ozow payments for EFT payments.

We are constantly innovating at Letha, so new payment gateways will be introduced periodically

Does Letha store my customers credit card details?

We does not access, process or store any credit card details. Payments are handed over to the payment gateway for processing. All payment gateways integrated to us are fully PCI DSS compliant, ensuring that your and your customers’ banking details are secure.

I have a registered account with a payment gateway – can my shop integrate to it?

No, we do not cater for this – we integrate directly to the payment gateway providers

How does my mobile app work? Will my customers need to download it from the store?

Did you know that as well as an online store, your customers can install your site as your branded mobile app?

Letha Shop has been designed as a Progressive Web App (PWA), meaning that your customers don’t need to install your app from the Play Store or App Store. They can simply add the site to their home screen from their web browser, and your mobile app will be installed on their device – making it easier for them to buy from you again and again

Will you handle my deliveries?

Currently we will deliver small parcels in the Johannesburg nothern suburbs. Letha Shop integrates seamlessly with Letha Deliver and will handle the delivery for you.

If you’re not within this region, you will need to arrange your own deliveries. Watch this space though, we will be adding more regions and delivery partners soon!

How do I create an online store?

Its easy! We have made the signup process as quick and easy as possible so that you can get your South African online store up and running in no time

Sign up to start your online shop today, it only takes a few minutes

I have a small business – will Letha Shop work for me?

We are perfect for your side-hustle, market stall, or small-to-medium sized business. We’re committed to providing an eCommerce platform at an affordable monthly fee.

We take care of all the technical things, so that you don’t have to. From domain registrations, email setup and payment gateways, we have you covered.


Do I need to build the website or does the Letha Shop team do this for me?

You can create your online store without any intervention from Letha Shop. We have designed a friendly shop management module where you control the design of the shop, and where you’ll add and categorise products.

A simple click of the publish button will create and update your store within minutes

How much does it cost?

We are not only proudly South African but is one of South Africa’s most affordable eCommerce website builders. Our pricing speaks for itself.

Can I sell to my international clients?

Yes you can! Although we are based in South Africa, our payment gateway accepts international credit or debit cards. You can accept orders from your international clients.

All you’ll need to do is handle the deliveries

How do I get my site looking its best?

A logo that represents your brand will help your site look professional. You can also select colours that will display on your shop – if you match these colours to your logo colours, this helps to pull the look together.

When you upload pictures to display on your home page, try to keep these in the same colour pallete, and make sure that the pictures are relevant to your business.

Remember that better quality, hi-res pictures will make for a better-looking site. If you don’t have a professional photographer, get a friend with a good camera and a good eye to take your photos for you.

How do I load products?

You’ll be able to create and remove products from your store using the shop management module. Products are instantly visible to your customers on your site as soon as you save any changes. No publish process necessary.

You’ll also be able to group your products into categories, making it easier for your customers to find products.

We also allow you to flag products as featured products, which displays those products at the top of your store page.

You can also flag products as out of stock, which still shows the products to your customers (as out of stock), but they won’t be able to buy them. This is useful for products that are temporarily out of stock now – your customers will still be aware that you provide these products.

View our guide on how to add products and categories

How does the money made from my sales get paid to me?

Payouts are processed every Wednesday for all sales processed via your online store up to and including the previous Sunday.

The transaction fee of R2, plus the commission of 4.9% is deducted from each transaction, and the balance is paid directly to your bank account. Note that these funds may take up to 2 days to clear into your account.

What fees are deducted from sales?

A R2 transaction fee, plus commission of 4.9% plus VAT is deducted from each sale by Letha, and the balance is paid out to you.

For example, on a sale of R1000:

  • R2 transaction fee
  • R49 commission
  • R7.65 VAT on fees
  • R941.35 will be paid out to you

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