Affordable Ways To Start An eCommerce Store Online In South Africa

December, 14, 2022

As the eCommerce landscape in South Africa is changing, it’s becoming easier to make money online. Setting up an online store that is ready to sell your products to your customers may seem out of reach, but is it? Because of the ever-changing online landscape, and competitors upping their game, having an online store can become costly. Here we cover the most affordable ways to start an eCommerce store online. 

Starting an online store can seem daunting especially if you are not well-equipped with the knowledge and tools to design your eCommerce website from scratch. Using a trustworthy South African eCommerce shopping store builder to do the work for you may be the easiest and fastest way to get your shop online!

What Is An Online Shop Builder?

An online shop builder is an eCommerce platform geared towards quickly creating an online store in a few easy steps to sell your goods to your customers and to top it off, you do not need any web design or technical knowledge. These eCommerce platforms are there to assist you in creating your dream store with tools that create a website and mobile app in one. Launch your online business in a few clicks and start making money online!

Are These eCommerce Platforms Affordable?

Depending on what business you have and what tools you are looking for, eCommerce shopping store builders come at different prices to suit your needs. On doing some research, we found that some providers start at R217 per month and move up from there. Some of the benefits and integrated tools that you will want to think about when choosing your eCommerce Platform are:

  • Secure payment gateways options
  • Design templates and different themes that easily integrate into your store style
  • Shipping functionality to be able to ship your products to your customers
  • Mobile App functionality
  • Web hosting
  • Shop management tools 
  • Transaction fees
  • Technical assistance

Consider a few of the above items when you are looking for an all-in-one eCommerce platform to help you sell your products online. 

How Do I Start An eCommerce Store In South Africa?

Step one is to do your research in all areas! This is probably the most important step you will need to consider along with these:

Choose a product that will sell

Choosing a product that has a gap in the market in South Africa can already put you ahead of the curve. Think about what kind of product people need and do your research around that. 

Select an eCommerce solution to help grow your brand online

Decide on the right eCommerce platform that is going to help you create an online store, mobile app, and website at an affordable monthly fee that will include all the tools you need to sell online

Pick a solution that includes a payment gateway so that you can take online payments

Ensure that the eCommerce platform you choose can facilitate secure online payments and won’t compromise your customer’s banking or credit card details.

Lastly, have your logo, product information and images, and other business information ready so that you can publish your online store and start making sales!

The Best eCommerce Website Builder in South Africa

Letha Shop is a proudly South African one-stop eCommerce platform that gives you the ability to open your online store quickly and easily. You will get a website and mobile app with a built-in store and payment gateway. Whether you have a side hustle, market stall, or a small to medium-sized business, we are committed to providing an eCommerce shopping store platform at an affordable monthly fee where we also offer to take care of the technical things so that you don’t have to! Our FAQs offer you a thorough overview of what Letha Shop has to offer!

Choose the option of a 14-day free trial to get your eCommerce store live and start making money online. Contact us or view our pricing for more information. 

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Nicky Nielsen

Nicky Nielsen